Monday, October 15, 2007

Fryeburg Fair

Columbus Day Weekend takes us for our third year to Fryeburg Fair. We take two animals on Sat and Sun to the Llama and Alpaca barn for an educational exhibit. We can also show fleeces in the fiber building and can sell a little bit of product in the barn. I did sell just a little.

The highlight of Saturday is always the Grand Parade. A long-standing tradition at Fryeburg when all the animals and all the floats drive around the race track. We always stop in front of the grandstand packed with 1000's of people and they tell a little bit about the animals.

Even without the publicity of the parade, the barn is full from morning to night. Everyone wants to know "do they spit?" What do you do with them? Do people eat them? And my favorite this year from a little boy seeing them chew their cud "Do they blow bubbles with their bubble gum?"

I try to have something out that demonstrates how wonderful this fiber is-- a sweater, a bag of fleece or my favorite this year, an alpaca wall hanging that everyone could touch. I probably could have sold a 100 of them if I'd had them. It was a great hit.

It is long and tiring but we enjoy seeing our friends from Mt. Brook and meeting other farms who exhibit each year.

I recommend you try to get a stall at your local fair. Most fairs are glad to have something new to show people and there are many people who got their start in alpacas after seeing them at an agricultural fair.

Want to read past posts or see the animals? Click here: Maine's Bellemont Farm Alpacas.

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