Monday, October 15, 2007

New England Coastal Classic

This is our fifth year attending the New England Coastal Classic and our second year as exhibitors. Showing is not my first love but the time spent there and the visibility is helpful. I find the environment a good one for meeting people and making a few connections. Each time I am impressed with the beautiful animals. Each time, I have made connections that have been helpful, especially with pursuing breedings.

The show results were once again reinforcing that I am on the right track. Evander's Evie took sixth place out of 10 in an all-white class; the most competitive classes at the show. The judge said her confirmation was perfect but her fleece just not as fine or as dense as those placed above her. I knew her fleece was not that fine from her histogram but her placement and "staying in the ring" meant that her confirmation and fleece character still carried some weight. Density is difficult to measure by hand--there are so many animals that are of medium density. But I tell you, I have felt DENSITY twice, once on Koko's Kokopelli, from Journey's End Alpacas, and again on Cherry Bomb from Foss Mountain Farm. When you touch those fleeces, they barely give, it is as though they are truly packed on the animal.

It is what we are striving for in all our animals, that and fineness and correct conformation, crimp style and on and on. It is a never ending quest.

Thunder took first in a very small class of Grey 2 and older males. I knew it would be his last time "out" so to speak and I wanted to get another opinion on him now that he had grown up. There were only three in the class which was dissapointing since I always want a truer measure of comparison but here are judge Amanda Van der Bosch's comments:

"Nicely balanced, Finest fleece in group. Good Handle. Balanced, complete package. Nice young male."

Amanda is such a treat to show in front of. She is gracious and gives extensive clear explanations.

In the championship class, she pulled up a Cas Cad Nac male that I was able to get a peak at his fleece--almost the crimp style of white and I assume a great deal of fineness as well. I understood why he was placed above Thunder.

On the way home, my 16-yr-old son called to give us a farm update: "New baby, about an hour old, placenta passed and a girl!" This is the last one for this year and we are delighted with her. Her fleece is a bright almost coppery color--surprising out of two white parents, Andromeda and the above mentioned Koko. I hope that she lives up to his amazing fineness and density. Time will tell.

A good end to a busy three days and our third alpaca-packed weekend in a row.

Next weekend-- a trip to Hartford to visit our daughter at Parent's Weekend.

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