Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Summer 2010

We have four cria pronking in the pasture this fall and loving it. Thunder is proud papa to two boys-- one a dark rose grey with an adorable white face and the other a nice dark fawn. The third one is a beautiful robust girl--mostly white with a rather large spot on her back. This is the second "Spot" Evie has thrown from two sires. Trying to figure out who her next date will be. The last one is a beautiful beige boy out of Skye.

Thunder also had a bay-black and light rose-gray cria for Mt. Brook Farm--both girls and a dark brown girl for Barbara Patenaude of China.

No major improvements to the barn this year with the exception that the girls get to spread out a little more. Our dear pony (of the guinea hen fame) left us in December. It was very hard to let go of such a good friend. The alpacas kept him company and he loved watching their goings on. Since the alpacas were sharing part of the barn with him, they now get some of his space.

We will be back at Fryeburg Fair this year with yarn and lots of fleece for sale. I have been knitting ALOT with my own fiber this year and loving that. If all goes well, I'll have two alpaca sweaters to show off and to keep me warm;it gets very cold in those barns.

Yarn sales have been good. Our yarn is now carried by Artful Hands Fiber Studio. They hold a wonderful knitting and spinning group there with lots of space and lots of good company. Great for learning to knit or just an evening out.

Our favorite neighbor and farm sitter Michelle, is now the proud owner of Cinnabar and Spofford. She is also our midwife--two cria were born on her watch. She has seen more of our births than I have!

Hay was absolutely beautiful this year, early and plentiful.

Let us know if you want to come see the babies-- they are definitely in the cutest phase when they enjoying playing together--going down to the bottom of the hill and seeing who can get back up the fasted---zoom!